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Q&A Portion in College


I was granted an interview by a local university. It truly was an honor to be interviewed by them. So to prepare myself a good ‘show’ (LOL.) for them. I’ve researched some questions and wrote answers for each. I practiced them until the day came. It was a panel interview. Hoping I could impress the interviewers but it went completely opposite of what I expected but in the end, I got in. I don’t know why.

Anyway, here are some types of questions you may encounter and tips for answering them. NOTE: This is just me. If ever I would be asked these questions, the bullet-ed statements would most likely be my answers. But remember that interview questions are desultory. Interviewers are sometimes random, too. Questions maybe personal or unrelated to what you know. He may be testing you of what some other things knowledgeable.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

  • I’m passionate about making a difference. Best.
  • I’m a graphics and photography enthusiast.
  • When I’m with the people I love, I feel very lighthearted.
  • Every part of my life makes me laugh.

2. Why (Name of College)?

  • The name and reputation that goes with being a graduate of (Name of College) is like life. PRICELESS. 🙂
  • What I’m saying is you get a degree from (Name of College) and you’ve already won half the battle. Simply the best.
  • I see (Name of College) as a castle who continuously trains bold knights.

3. Why Engineering/Applied Physics/Computer Science?

  • I grew up watching mostly tv shows on Discovery Channel. Namely, Mythbusters, Unchained Reaction, How Do They Do It, How Its Made, Extreme Engineering, etc.
  • Engineers make a difference. Challenge. Creativity. Discovery. Society needs us.

4. Recommend Me A Good Book.

  • The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. It’s about two brothers with a love so strong that no force can separate them. Then a car accident happened one night.
  • State E.E. Cummings’ quote. Refer it to its film adaptation. “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire. Live by love though the stars walk backward.”
  • Dive For Dreams, 1950.

5. Tell Me A Challenge That You Overcame.

  • Academic Challenge. (Problem Solving). Specifically, my study habits. Low self-esteem. Ranking. Student Organizations/Councils.

6. What Will You Contribute to Our College?

  • I’m planning to join organizations. Either related to my course or not. I want to be part of university wide projects like recycling program, fund raising programs to help fellow students.
  • I don’t just want to be inside the library after class. I want to feel divers-ed as possible. I’m more of a social kind of person.

7. Any Questions About (Name of College)?

  • What would you say is the most remarkable feature of (Name of College) that isn’t known by many people?
  • That’s all, Sir/Madam. Like I said, it’s all about taking chances. I’ll take my chances. How can you be found if you’re not lost in the first place?
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Hubbers’ Summer Getaway 2013

Hubbers!Last night was one of those nights where it’s just smiles and high-fives all around. Setting aside differences to make this night unforgettable. A night where we, THE GOMEZ HUB, once again make history in our family. A night where we once again reunite as a whole. Though distance was on our side, the fact that we’re all gathered in one place, nothing to do but make memories together, makes those nights really special. A night where there are no labels, sometimes nephews and nieces are treated as cousins or friends and relationships are treated as family members, too. That night was one of those nights that remind me that I can never truly imagine life without them.

Swimming! I’m actually thrilled enough with the fact that we (family) would spend the night together swimming until we get cramps but I never thought that we would spend the night at a really great place. The name of the resort is Villa Amparo. Located at Pansol, Laguna. The place really gave justice to its’ name. From waterworks up to the comfy accommodation, it really shown reasons why myriads of families and friends chose to spent the day or two at this kind of place.  I heard from my mom that getting a reservation was actually hard. You should get reservations months before the actual date. She added that she reserved way back December 2012 and the dates for April and May were almost taken. Can you believe that?

The day went pretty well for all of us. There were a lot of things going on. A whole lot of catching up conversations and picture taking sessions.  Some of us even decided not to sleep. I was pretty disappointed with myself for being a sleepy head, ’cause I felt like I’ve missed out so much while I was off to dreamland. Reasonable to sleep ’cause it was like three in the morning but yeah like I said I didn’t even get the chance too see Ate Cherry’s photo shoot session. Hihi. FREE swimming lessons from Ate Cherry (with free drinking water in the pool! LOL.). Like diving, breast stroking, treading, etc, all thanks to her! We even got to try the ‘mabilis kausap’ slide because it really was. The slide was too fast and slippery or maybe it’s just really short? So it was actually quiet no fun but when you have Tito John, all things can be fun. He tried every position you could think of. Supine or Prone position. Any position!

The food was DE-LI-SCIOOOOUS! Adobong Manok for dinner part 1. Tito AJ’s Arman Jerrickos (sweetened chicken wings and it tasted great. Too bad, I only took a bite. ]: ) for dinner part 2, Sinigang na Baka for lunch and the classic Macaroni Soup (that tongue burning dish) for meryenda! And all the treats you can think of.

At the end of the day, we went back to Manila with smiles plastered on our faces; carried back  the memories we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. The gentleman pose whenever someone takes our picture. The  ‘basic bobo attack’  (stupid basic attack) positions for every swimming technique we learn. The ‘sumusunod lang ako sa protocol’ (I’m just following the protocol) phrase whenever we do something stupid with the slide. These little things that can and will make you smile everyday. It is really true that happiness is only real when shared and I’m glad I have a whole bunch to share it with.

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