Grad School Vs. Real Life

Very thought-provoking.

Thought Catalog

Days Off

Grad School: You never “clock out” when you’re in grad school. I mean, yeah, you have to go to seminars and everything, but in general you pick your own seminars which is kind of like picking your own hours. There’s no time sheet, and you don’t have any jealous co-workers monitoring where you are. That sort of freedom is priceless. Also, you only work 9 months out of the year which means you always have the summers off to do whatever you like.

Real Life: People who have to report to the office at certain times hate getting out of bed and can’t wait for three-day weekends and Holidays because it means they don’t have to go into the office. In grad school, you don’t have to get excited about a three-day weekend because you can have a three-day weekend whenever you want!

Work Itself

Grad School: If…

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